Sunday, October 4, 2009

Surgery Day!

Well surgery day is tomorrow, October 5th. We are expected at KU Med Center at 6:30am which means we have to leave the house at 5:00am. Hope is healthy and doing well today. She is in good spirits. However, she has no idea what tomorrow brings. We delayed the surgery by three weeks to have access to the newest cochlear device and implant that was released by FDA on September 8th. The new device and implant is 40% smaller. YAY! We are excited, yet very nervous for this next phase! Please pray to guide the doctor's hands, smooth surgery with no complications, and quick recovery!! We will check in to let everyone know how she is doing!!


  1. We've been thinking about you all and praying that the Master Physician is guiding the doctor's hands. He has already brought Hope and your entire family so far. He has great plans for her! Sending you hugs and thoughts and prayers! Love, Lopers in Texas

  2. How is it going? Maddie was activated today and it was pretty stinkin rough! Would love to chat sometime!! Of course, I have misplaced your number! :) Shoot me an email at so we can reconnect!